New Product Hunter's Curated Gourmet News

I'm introducing the intriguing gourmet news curated by the New Product Hunter.

Meat & Cheese ARK2nd's Shrimp Chicago Pizza

This is a Chicago-style pizza topped with plenty of succulent shrimp. It's unfortunate that there's a shop in Shinjuku, Tokyo, as I can't go there myself. Also, reservations are required, so those planning to go should take note.

Starbucks Peach Tranquility Tea Frappuccino

A Frappuccino with peach and strawberry flavors sold at Starbucks' tea specialty stores. The chunky fruit pieces seem to complement the tea base perfectly. I want to try it, but since there's no Starbucks Tea & Cafe near me, it seems I won't be able to.

Easy Recipe for Yukari Nori Salt Fried Rice

Fried rice that can be made with just a microwave and a lunch box, without using a frying pan. With its nori salt flavor, it seems like there's no way to go wrong. As someone who enjoys the nori salt flavor of potato chips, I'm excited to try it.

Sushi on Air Japan at this price for this amount is expensive...

It's said that sushi eaten on board Air Japan, a new brand by ANA, costs ¥2000. As you can see from the original tweet, considering the quantity, ¥2000 feels like airplane pricing indeed. Since Air Japan is all economy class, and sushi is also ¥2000, it's a luxury item that's hard to afford for people like me, who are commoners.

Personally, I prefer ¥100 sushi from a conveyor belt sushi restaurant over ¥2000 sushi eaten on a plane.🔽

The inside of an airplane is a confined space, and there are many people, so I'm not really in the mood to eat or drink much. I try to stay hydrated as much as possible to avoid economy class syndrome, but it's also dangerous to drink too much as it's difficult to go to the restroom if you're not sitting on the aisle seat.

Chateraise's Fresh Chocolate

Chateraise's fresh chocolates have a form similar to Royce's fresh chocolates.

According to the above, the price is ¥583 including tax, which is relatively high for Chateraise products, but still much more reasonable compared to Royce's fresh chocolates. Chateraise has a good impression of providing delicious sweets and Japanese-style sweets at low prices, so I definitely want to try this fresh chocolate.

Rice Porridge at Mos Burger

Surprisingly, rice porridge is available at Mos Burger. It's for a limited time, but who would have thought that you could eat Japanese sweets at a hamburger shop? Speaking of Mos Burger's sweets, I think of Mos Shake, but since the shake is very delicious, I can't help but expect the rice porridge to be equally delicious.

By the way, I previously covered Mos Shake in an article🔽

Fried Bread at 7-Eleven

Fried bread, which I haven't seen since elementary school lunches, will be released at 7-Eleven on 2/15. I didn't particularly like fried bread back then, but my taste and preferences seem to have subtly changed as an adult, and now I really want to eat it.

Starbucks' Sakura-Flavored Sweets (especially the donuts)

Starbucks' seasonal limited edition sweets are always delicious. Starting from 2/15, this time it's sakura-flavored, so we can enjoy colorful spring-like sweets. Especially the "Sakura Donut," since the matcha cream donut from last time was delicious, I expect this one to be just as tasty. It's a must-try item.

Marunaka Seika's Zunda Shake Ice Bar

An ice bar with zunda flavor. Since I like zunda after drinking zunda shakes at Zundaya, I definitely want to try it.

Muji Salted Caramel Chocolate-Coated Baum

A limited-time appearance at Muji, a baumkuchen coated with salted caramel chocolate. The combination of salted caramel chocolate and baumkuchen is sure to be delicious. So if I have the chance to go to Muji, I plan to buy it.

Muji Sakura Financier Sandwich

Another Muji product. A financier with sakura flavor, cream, and azuki beans. While my personal expectations may be lower compared to the Baum mentioned earlier, it still makes me want to try it.

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