【Convenience Store】Lawson, can't you get rid of this?

I felt uncomfortable with the milk I bought at Lawson just the other day.

【Attention】This article is a translation of the following article in Japanese. 🔽

Here's the milk I purchased 🔽

Milk purchased at Lawson

Looking at the area highlighted in red, I noticed that Chinese and Korean were written.

I think it's been many years, but Lawson's private brand products have all been changed to simple designs like the milk pack above. At first glance, I didn't have a very positive impression because I couldn't tell what this product was, but I've gotten used to it and haven't felt uncomfortable with the design recently.

However, personally, I feel uncomfortable with the fact that Chinese and Korean are written on the milk pack I bought at Lawson this time. If the goal is to streamline unnecessary things and pursue stylishness, I can't find a rational reason to include languages other than Japanese and English. In fact, looking at Lawson's private brand bottled beverages, they are only written in Japanese and English.

Considering that a large majority of Chinese and Korean people in Japan can speak some English, it seems even more appropriate to only use English in addition to Japanese. Is there some deep reason why only milk is labeled in four languages?

However, personally, I prefer unity and rationality, so I would prefer it if it were unified in the way of bottles (bilingual).

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